Mindfulbody T'ai Chi

moving meditation

1. Preparation Movement: Raise hands, palms facing each other, to shoulder height. Lower hands to side of body with hands pushing down.

Grasp Peacock's Tail: This movement includes Ward Off, Roll Back, Press & Push

2. Ward Off Left: Shift weight onto right foot as you pivot on right heel. Step to the left side with left foot, left hand in front of center of chest. Right hand moves to right hip, palm down. Shift weight into left foot.

3. Ward Off Right: Right foot steps forward in a channel. Right hand moves in front of chest with palm facing body. Left hand moves between body and right hand. Palms facing each other. Shift weight into right foot.

4. Roll Back: Turn hands over, sit back onto left foot, turn waist to left.

5. Press: Left hand circles to inner right wrist. Press and shift weight forward into right foot.

6. Push: Hands move apart and pull back to chest as weight shifts back. Together they push as weight shifts forward.

7. Single Whip: Shift weight back, turn, lift hands and circle to left. When weight is on left foot pigeon toe right foot by turning on heel. As hands circle low, shift weight to right. As hands begin to raise, make a “bird's peak” with right hand and continue to circle left hand up and to the left. Turn to left and step left foot in a channel. Push with left hand, leaving right hand in “bird's peak”.

8. Close Hands: Turn toward front and close hands together with left hand near right elbow. Put right heel down near left foot with no weight in a closed channel.

9. White Crane Spreads It's Wings: Small circle with left hand coming in front of the face. Right hand lowers to front of groin. Step to the side with right foot. Raise right hand up center line to above the head. Left hand drops to left side. Left toes rest lightly on floor in front of right foot.

10. Brush Knee (left): Right hand lowers down mid-line as waist turns to left. Left hand circles back and sweeps to right as waist turns right. Right hand circles back. Left hand moves across front as left foot steps forward. Right hand passes by ear and pushes forward as weight shifts forward.

11. Play the Pipa (guitar): Push forward and lift right foot to balance. Step back with right foot, closing channel. Weight in right foot. Bring left hand forward, palm facing right side. Right hand moves next to left elbow. (Imagine playing a guitar.)

12. Brush Knee (left): Turn waist right, turning left hand over and circling right hand back. Step left foot forward in a channel.Turn waist back to center and push right hand past the ear. Shift weight forward.

13. Brush Knee (right): Pivot on left heel. Step right foot forward in a channel. Circle left hand back and right hand brushes over knees. Left hand passes by the ear and pushes as weight shifts forward.

14. Brush Knee (left): Repeat #8.

15. Play the Pipa (guitar): Repeat step #7.

16. Brush Knee (left): Repeat step #8

17. Step forward, Perry and Punch: Make a fist with right hand. Drop left hand to side, palm up. Turn waist to left and move fist toward open left hand. Half step with right foot, heel in front of heel. Fist circle up and in front of body as left foot steps forward. Bring right elbow near waist and extend left hand forward. Punch right fist forward. Left hand ends up near right wrist with fingers up.

18. Retreat and Seal: Continue punching right fist forward. Turn waist to left. Scoop left hand under right arm. Turn waist right. Sit back and move left hand under right arm. Turn hand palms down and push forward. Shift weight forward.

19. Cross Hands: Turn left foot inward to face front again. Open right arm to right side. As right foot steps to beginning stance ( feet under hips) hand drop down and cross. Hands lift up to center of chest, separate and finish by dropping to sides or begin second section.