Mindfulbody T'ai Chi

moving meditation

Home Practice Guide

Lift arms up and down; inhale up, exhale down. Circle wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, waist, hips, knees and ankles.

Tai Qigong:

Practice is done from “Horse” Stance (feet double weighted with knees bent). Repeat each movement 4 to 8 times or practice one movement many times.

  1. Preparatory movement: Raise hands facing each other to shoulder level, lower hands to side, bend wrists. Bend knees and side step right foot into horse stance. 
  2. Cloud hands: Raise hand up center and circle out to side. Turn waist. Repeat other side. Watch hand that’s raising.
  3. Fair maiden Weaves with a Shuttle: Turn waist. Raise one hand over head to block. Push other hand from center of chest. Repeat other side.
  4. Lift Sky and Press Earth: Move hands up and down the center line, crossing in the middle. One hand above head, other hand comes to side.  Bend wrists at the end of each movement, pushing up and down. Repeat.
  5. Strike Tiger: Make fists. Arch one hand over head. Bring other hand in front of waist. Turn waist. Repeat other side.​
  6. Parting the Wild Horse’s Mane: Turn one palm to the floor and draw the other hand under, palm up. As if wiping off, bring up facing hand to center front and the other hand back. Turn waist. Repeat.
  7. Brush Knee: Circle one hand back, bend elbow and move past ear toward center. Other hand circles in front and crosses to the side. Turn waist. Repeat other side.
  8. Twin Mountain Peaks: Start with hands upturned in front. Drop them to the sides, turning them to the back and making fists. Circle up to meet above the head. Drop elbows together. Repeat.
  9. Cross Hands: Start with hands above the head. Open fingers and circle hands down in a gathering motion. Cross hands at wrists and raise up center. Repeat.
  10. Push: Extend hands out in front of chest. Lift wrists to eye level. Draw hands back to chest, bend wrists and push forward in front of chest. Repeat.

Leg Movements
Shifting weight forward and back: Take a long stance with one foot forward and other foot at a 45 degree angle. There should be a 4” channel between feet. Bend knees. Shift weight slowly forward and back. Fold at hip. Keep back upright and straight.
Shifting weight sideways: Bend knees with feet under shoulders. Side step left with no weight. Gradually shift weight onto left foot. Bring right foot next to left. Gradually shift weight onto right foot. Pick up left foot and side step with no weight. Gradually shift weight. Repeat. Change direction and repeat.

Slow Set beginning

1. Preparatory Movement: Raise arms, palms facing to shoulder height. Lowers arms, palms facing the floor. Bend knees. Push down.

2. Grasp Peacocks Tail: (This movement consists of the 4 pillars of Tai Chi: PENG, LIU, GEE, AN)

        Ward-off left: Shift weight to right and turn right, pivoting on right heel. Right hand over the foot. Step to left angle with no weight. Left hand moves up and out in front of body with palm up. Gradually shift weight left. 

         Ward off right Scoop with right hand and lift to center. Drop left hand behind right. Shift weight forward.

         Roll back: Rotate hands, turning them over. Shift weight slowly back. Draw hands back and turn waist.

        Press: Turn waist forward and touch left hand to right wrist. Shift weight forward slowly.

        Push: Separate hands and let left hand float over right. Lift hands and shift weight back. Bend wrists with palms forward and slowly shift weight forward.